Using The Roulette System - Part 1 - Very Easy

Learning to use these Roulette Systems is much easier than it looks.
With this system, you are increasing your chances of winning.
Stick with the systems to maximise your profit.

Let’s start off with Roulette System 1. (Roulette Systems 2 and 3 work in very much the same way).

  • First of all, let’s open up the casino that is recommended for Roulette System 1 by clicking here
  • Now head over to European Roulette (usually found under the ‘Table Games’ option).
  • You’ll also need to grab a pen and notepad.
Free Roulette System

Don’t place any bets for the first five spins, but write down each spin result on your notepad. So if the ball lands on any numbers from 25 to 36 (‘3rd 12‘), put 3 on your notepad. Keep doing this until either 1 or 2 or 3 does not come up in the last five spin results you have written.

As an example, your notepad record after five spins might show ‘1 2 1 2 2‘.  So now it’s time to place your bet on Position 3 (3rd 12) because 3hasn’t shown in the last five spins.  So, you would place your first bet on the area where it says 3rd 12‘ (Position 3).

If you win, well done!  If not, use the System grid to show you how much you need to bet next on the same Position.  Keep on doing this until you win. YOU WILL WIN! Make sure you write each spin result on your notepad, win or not, (and also write a 0 result – the zero at the top of the table if the ball lands there. The zero counts in your total spins).


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