Using The Roulette System - Part 2 - Money Making Demo

Let see the Roulette Systems actually make money.

Below is a video where I generate £11 profit in less than 3 minutes, with all bets listed further down together with the outcome of each spin and bet.
But first, please take a note of how this stage of money making had been reached;
In the video, you can see that I have used System 3.  This is now my Roulette System of choice, but I strongly recommend that you start off with System 1 then System 2 before moving onto System 3.
Firstly, I downloaded the casino recommended for the System, then selected European Roulette from the Table Games.  The ‘Betting Limit’ chosen was £0…£10, as this allows bets as low as 10p with 1p increments, and also bets above £10.  Now, I also use the option to turn off all animation as the game-play is much quicker doing so. (With animation turned off, I would have generated the money even quicker than 3 minutes).
The initial deposit was £40.  After less than a week, just a couple of hours of play per evening, I turned £40 into £1638.
Now for the video, where I go from £1638 to £1649 (yes, that’s a total profit of £1609 in less than a week);

If you add up the bet amounts and the winnings in the video:

Total amount bet = £16

Total amount won = £27

Total actual profit = £11
in under three minutes


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